05 March 2018

In Pakistan, Those Dangerous Ahmadis

.... Islam is a brittle faith. It cannot stand to be challenged from within. It regards converts as being traitors, defectors from the Army of Islam. That is why converts out of Islam — apostates — can be severely punished or killed.

Most dangerous of all those apostates are those who become Ahmadis, for Ahmadiyya Islam can be confusing to mainstream Muslims. That is why, right now in Pakistan, the most important story is not about the state of the economy, or the general election coming up this July, or the gas pipeline that is being built to run from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan to Pakistan and then to India, or what global warming means for the country’s stability.

Nor is it about the Taliban’s activities in challenging the state. No: the main story is about gathering data on 10,000 Ahmadi converts, scarcely visible, but seemingly an endless threat, in a country of 201 million. [New English Review] Read more

03 March 2018

The key difference between the far right and the Islamists

Mark Rowley, who is just stepping down as the country’s chief counterterrorism officer, is a classic British policeman of the best sort — a low-key, quietly amusing, naturally moderate professional who does not play political games. He became something of a hero (not a word he would endorse) for his cool handling of last year’s atrocities.

On Monday night, he delivered the Cramphorn Memorial Lecture at Policy Exchange, firmly entrenching the understanding which the British authorities were too long loth to recognise, that extremism — even when not itself violent — is a necessary condition for Islamist violence to develop.

On one point, however, I felt Mr Rowley did not convince. He warned, justifiably, that right-wing terrorism is on the rise. In doing so, however — perhaps in the interests of ‘balance’ — he set up an equivalence between Islamist terrorism and right-wing terrorism which does not exist, although morally there is little to choose between them.

The non-equivalence is that the first is so very much more formidable, global, well financed and politically connected than the second. Where, in Britain, are the right-wing equivalent of extremist mosques, giving livelihoods to bad actors, often funded from abroad? Where are the suicide bombers and their mentors? And where are the powerful fellow travellers? [The Spectator] Read more

In Sweden, Christians Fleeing Persecution Face Violence All Over Again

Germany saw nearly 100 anti-Christian attacks in 2017. The most violent incidents occurred among asylum-seekers in refugee homes, and German politicians express growing concern for the safety of Christians fleeing to Europe.

Open Doors Deutschland, which supports and advocates for persecuted Christians, recorded 743 incidents in 2016. After a wave of violence against Christians in refugee homes, many of them asked, repeatedly, for separate accommodation. Except in a few cases, authorities failed to respond.

A similar pattern of violence against Christian refugees afflicts Sweden, our own country. Compared with other European nations during the ongoing migrant crisis, Sweden, like Germany, has taken in a disproportionately high number of refugees of all faiths.

While that is laudable, it has led to many violent incidents, as the hatred against religious minorities in, for example, Syria and Iraq has now migrated to Sweden. [National Review] Read more

Illegal ‘schools’ teach children hatred

Religious extremists are exploiting lax home education laws to expose children to hate-filled material at scores of unregistered “schools” and secret teaching groups.

.... he Times obtained five extremist books relating to Islam, including Dos and Do Nots of Islam and The Islam Way of Life. One was by Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, a Jamaican-born extremist Muslim preacher who has been banned from Britain. Concerns have also been raised about illegal Christian and Jewish schools.

.... “It is lawful to give slight punishment to the wife for her adverse behaviour but it is not permissible to beat her black and blue.”

“If a sweet thing is left uncovered, swarms of dirty creatures are liable to prey upon it and corrupt it. Similar is the case of a woman. The current wave of rape incidents in regions where public exposure of women prevails, strengthens this argument beyond doubt.”

“Celibacy is an unlawful criminal indulgence in sinful violations involving sex. Socially it is a disruptive and destructive act amounting to disobedience to Allah.” [The Times (£)] Read more

02 March 2018

How a teacher sought to recruit a terror 'death squad'

A part-time religious teacher who tried to groom children to become future suicide attackers has been convicted of preparing acts of terrorism.

Umar Ahmed Haque, 25, was dragged from the dock at the Old Bailey shouting support for the Islamic State group.

He had been inspired to carry out an atrocity by the 2017 Westminster Bridge attack.

He had taken limited steps towards fulfilling that plan and sought to radicalise children in a small mosque.

Police believe he came into contact with more than 100 children, some of whom have received deradicalisation support.

Haque was arrested two weeks before the London Bridge and Borough Market attack. [BBC] Read more

01 March 2018

Muslim women win payout after New York police forced them to remove headscarves

The city of New York on Wednesday agreed to pay $180,000 to three Muslim women forced by police to remove their headscarves to have mugshots taken, officials said.

Each of the women is to receive $60,000 after the settlements were finalised in a Brooklyn federal court earlier this week, their lawyer Tahanie Aboushi said.

Two of the them were arrested in 2015 and one in 2012. All three incidents took place in Brooklyn, New York's most populous borough, she added.

The women sued the city and the New York Police Department, the largest city police force in the United States, which was represented by the city's law department.

New York police have since changed their guidelines to give detainees wearing a religious head covering the option of having their photograph taken in private by a police officer of the same gender. [SBS NEWS] Read more

Merkel Admits ‘No-Go’ Zones Exist in Germany

Angela Merkel has admitted the existence of ‘no-go areas’, where outsiders are afraid to enter, in Germany — just months after Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam comprehensively documented their existence in his groundbreaking book.

In an interview with RTL earlier this week, the acting Chancellor also conceded that the huge influx of third world migrants who arrived after her decision to throw open the border in 2015 has “raised multiple questions”.

Merkel said she is in favour of a “zero tolerance” approach to crime, telling the broadcaster it is the duty of the authorities to keep people safe because “the state has the monopoly of power”.

“That means, for example, that there are no-go areas … where no one dares to go” said the German leader, stating: “One has to call them by their name and do something about them.” [Breitbart London] Read more

28 February 2018

Western German state plans to ban facial coverings in courts

Facial coverings of any kind would be banned from German courtrooms under legislation to be introduced by the Justice Ministry of the western state of North-Rhine Westphalia.

The ban would extend to Muslim religious garments like the burqa or the niqab, but also to any garment designed to obscure a face.

State Justice Minister Peter Biesenbach said he would bring up the measure at the next meeting of state justice ministers at the Bundesrat, the upper legislative house where state governments are represented, on June 6.

Allowing facial coverings hurts the hunt for the truth and hinders communications during court proceedings, said the ministry.

Such a ban can only be implemented with a federal law, which would also have to be considered by the lower house Bundestag.

North Rhine Westphalia's government is a coalition between the center-right Christian Democrats and the pro-business Free Democrats. [Daily Sabah] Read more

Tortured Pakistani Christian ‘leapt from window’ to escape police

A Pakistani Christian has said he jumped from the fourth floor of the Federal Investigation Agency building in Lahore after he was tortured.

Sajid Masih, 24, was summoned for allegedly posting blasphemous material on Facebook. Police had also arrested his cousin, Patras Masih, 17, for the same alleged crime. His mobile phone was confiscated for examination and he was beaten. “When I asked them what I had done they responded, ‘We are beating you because you are the cousin of prime accused,’ ” he said in a video statement on Saturday.

“They took me and Patras to the fourth floor and started beating us. We were told to call each other ‘accursed’, which my cousin complied with . . . They asked me to take off my cousin’s trousers and have sex with him. I refused.” The officials insisted, and Mr Sajid said he had no choice but to jump from the window. He is in hospital in a critical condition. [The Times (£)] Read more

Finsbury Park attacker turned violent by far-right posts from Tommy Robinson and Britain First, police say

There is “no doubt” that far-right material posted online by the likes of Tommy Robinson and Britain First drove the Finsbury Park terror attacker to target Muslims, the UK’s most senior counter-terror officer has said.

Mark Rowley, the outgoing Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said Darren Osborne – an alcoholic, suicidal, unemployed “loner” – was vulnerable to radicalisation.

“He had grown to hate Muslims largely due his consumption of large amounts of online far-right material including, as evidenced at court, statements from former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, Britain First and others,” he told an event in London.

“Osborne had a ‘dysfunctional’ background and history of alcohol and drug abuse, and violence.

“There can be no doubt that the extremist rhetoric he consumed fed into his vulnerabilities and turned it into violence.” [The Independent] Read more

Jail term cut for father who showed beheadings to son

A Muslim convert who showed his son videos of beheadings has received a lesser jail term for spreading terrorist propaganda after a judge cited the impact of the sentence on his children.

Gary Staples, 50, created videos glorifying Islamic State when he was on licence from a prison sentence for child cruelty, imposed after he exposed his nine-year-old son to terrorist material.

The Old Bailey was told that he had been given unsupervised access to his four children while on licence and that they had been allowed to visit him in jail. Yesterday the judge sentencing him for propaganda offences reduced the term in part so that he could see his children again.

On Monday Mark Rowley, the national head of police counterterrorism, expressed concerns that courts were not as quick in removing children from extremist parents compared with paedophile parents. [The Times (£)] Read more

Revealed: Anti-Muslim hate crimes in London soared by 40% in a year

The number of Islamophobic hate crimes in London has soared by almost 40 per cent in the past year, figures have revealed.

There were 1,678 anti-Muslim hate crimes reported in the capital in the year up to January 2018 - up from 1,205 the year before.

And Scotland Yard warned that the figures, from the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, do not show the full scale of “hugely under-reported” hate crimes in the capital.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan warned perpetrators they face arrest and prosecution under a "zero-tolerance" approach.

“London is a place where we celebrate, cherish and embrace diversity," he said.

"I’m calling on all Londoners to pull together, and send a clear message around the world that our city will never be divided by individuals who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life."

Muslim leaders and police said the rise is linked to the terror attacks London Bridge and Manchester Arena last year. [Evening Standard] Read more

An open letter to President Erdogan from 38 Nobel laureates

We wish to draw your attention to the damage being done to the Republic of Turkey, to its reputation and the dignity and wellbeing of its citizens, through what leading authorities on freedom of expression deem to be the unlawful detention and wrongful conviction of writers and thinkers.

In a Memorandum on the Freedom of Expression in Turkey (2017), Nils Muižnieks, then Council of Europe commissioner for Human Rights, warned:

“The space for democratic debate in Turkey has shrunk alarmingly following increased judicial harassment of large strata of society, including journalists, members of parliament, academics and ordinary citizens, and government action which has reduced pluralism and led to self-censorship. This deterioration came about in a very difficult context, but neither the attempted coup, nor other terrorist threats faced by Turkey, can justify measures that infringe media freedom and disavow the rule of law to such an extent. [412 comments]

[TOP RATED COMMENT 116 votes] The Turkish government complain about being stereotyped by the West.

Perhaps not behaving like ISIS-lite would help.

[2ND 80] It's doubtful the Turkish dictator will be moved.

[3RD 68] A letter from the 38 most senior Al Qaeda operatives would be far more likely to work.

[4TH 56] Until Turkey frees detained writers and returns to the rule of law, it cannot claim to be a member of the free world Turkey has never been a member of the free world and, with Islamists firmly in charge, will never be. And I doubt Erdogan and his Islamist chums care much about the free world. So, I am afraid this is all in vain. [Guardian Cif] Read more

27 February 2018

Malaysian Federal Court refuses four people their right to affirm Christian identity

Malaysia’s highest court dismissed an appeal today (27 February) against four appellants who wanted to be formally recognised as Christians.

The five judges of the Malaysian Federal Court ruled that in matters of conversion away from Islam, it was necessary for them to consult the Islamic Sharia courts.

The president of the court, Tan Sri Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin, said the decision was unanimous.

He added that even though there are no specific provisions in the Sharia ordinance over conversions out of Islam, the religious court still has legal authority on what he termed “apostasy”.

.... Raucous, unruly scenes and shouts of “Allahu akbar” (“Allah is the greatest”) greeted the decision as a mob surrounded the Catholic Archbishop of Kuching, Simon Peter Poh, outside the court complex. He was jostled while being escorted to his car amid fears that he might be assaulted. [World Watch Monitor] Read more

Women protesting against wearing the hijab in Iran will be charged with inciting PROSTITUTION and jailed for up to ten years as regime cracks down on growing dissent

Iranian women protesting the compulsory headscarf by taking off their hijab in public could be facing up to a decade in jail for 'inciting prostitution', police has warned.

Authorities in Iran are desperately trying to stem the growing protests across the country against the dress code enforced on women since the Islamic revolution of 1979.

More than 35 women have been arrested in the capital Tehran alone in the past two months, with several reportedly subjected to torture while in custody.

At least two of the arrested protesters, Narges Hosseini and Shaparak Shajarizadeh, are being charged with 'inciting corruption and prostitution', Amnesty International reports.

Ms Shajarizadeh was arrested last Wednesday and has reportedly been subjected to beatings in prison. [Daily Mail] Read more

‘You’re in denial’ Macron under fire as critics condemn France’s battle against terror

France’s conservative Les Républicains political party warned the French government’s new plan to counter radicalisation focuses too much on the consequences.

The programme does not look at the “root causes” of radicalisation, Les Républicains spokeswoman Lydia Guirous said, adding that President Emmanuel Macron’s government was locked in a state of “denial” over Islamic terrorism.

The plan, announced by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe last week, includes 60 measures and puts the accent on prevention and on the need to catch danger signals within French society.

The measures include doubling the number of prisoners evaluated for radicalisation to 250 per year and creating 1,500 extra “isolated” prison places for radicalised inmates.

.... Mrs Guirous said: “The government is doing nothing to fight Islamic communitarianism and is denying the real causes of radicalisation in France.”

French conservatives argue the new plan “does not even mention” the need to fight proselytism and be more strict about Islamic head coverings, namely the headscarf, which is already banned in state schools.

Mrs Guirous said: “The headscarf is a militant tool used to promote political Islam, it is a sign of religious exhibitionism.

“The government does not understand the way in which French society is evolving and is turning a blind eye to the fact that a worrying number of French Muslims adhere to a strict version of Islam, one which is at odds with the French Republic,” she continued. [Daily Express] Read more

‘I felt like I was getting out of jail’: What life is like for French women after removing their veils

Islamic headscarves and veils continue to be the subject of intense debate in Europe. Countries’ approaches toward the burqa and niqab, which cover the face, range from tolerance in the UK to an outright ban in France.

Reactions of Muslim women to restrictions have varied, including protests by some, reluctant acceptance by others and also support for bans. But what happens when a woman who has worn a niqab, sometimes for years, makes the decision to leave it behind? Hanane and Alexia – whose names are pseudonyms to protect their identity – were both born in France.

Hanane grew up in a non-practicing Muslim family, while Alexia converted to Islam at age 22. For five years they both wore a niqab. Hanane began in 2009, just before France banned the full-face veil, while Alexia adopted it later.

Once ardent defenders of the right to wear the niqab, both women have now completely abandoned it. But the transition took place gradually and was accompanied by a growing distance from extreme Salafist ideology. [i@inews.co.uk] Read more

Muslim radio station fined for broadcasting 'hate speech'

A radio station broadcasting to Nottingham's Muslim community has been fined £2,000 after a talk played on the radio was found to constitute 'hate speech'.

Watchdog Ofcom today (February 27) ruled a nasheed - a chant or speech often set to music which are popular in the Islamic world - broadcast by Radio Dawn breached its code on hate speech.

A decision published on Ofcom's website said the 17-minute nasheed, which was broadcast on December 26, 2016, began by "glorifying the victories on the battlefield of figures from Islamic history".

It said the broadcast also went on to "suggest that similar violent acts committed against non-Muslim people would bring honour to Islam".

The notice said: "Further, the Nasheed included a number of pejorative references to non-Muslim people.

"In particular, non-Muslim people were repeatedly referred to as “Kufaar” (the Arabic word for disbeliever) and on one occasion, “Kaafir I Murdaar” (meaning filthy disbeliever in Urdu)." [Nottingham Post] Read more

26 February 2018

Rowan Williams was denounced for saying Sharia Law in UK was inevitable, so why isn’t Justin Welby being commended for saying it’s not?

Back in 2008, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams delivered a cerebral lecture about society and pluralism to a huddle of lawyers gathered in London. It might have remained fairly and literally academic had it not been for his decision to justify his comments in a subsequent BBC radio interview, when he said that Muslims were effectively entitled to have elements of their legal traditions recognised in UK law because Orthodox Jews have their own courts of arbitration, and so do Roman Catholics:

.... Rowan Williams was roundly and (almost) universally denounced for saying that Sharia Law in the UK was “inevitable” or “unavoidable”, so why isn’t Justin Welby being commended for saying that it is by no means inevitable and must be avoided at all costs? Why isn’t he applauded for defending the British Christian tradition of jurisprudence?

Why isn’t he appreciated for baldly stating that sharia brooks no rivals, and that accepting it even in part “implies accepting its values around the nature of the human person, attitudes to outsiders, the revelation of God, and a basis for life in law, rather than grace, the formative word of Christian culture”?

Why isn’t the media giving the man his due?

Why aren’t some of those Christians who have long sounded the alarm about cultural relativism and creeping sharia thanking God for the clarity of Justin Welby’s declaration? [Archbishop Cranmer] Read more

Judge who ordered woman to remove hijab loses bid to quash investigation

After more than 3 years, disciplinary investigation into Judge Eliana Marengo's conduct will begin at last

The Quebec Court judge who refused to hear the case of a woman unless she removed her hijab in the courtroom has lost her latest bid to try to quash a disciplinary investigation into her conduct.

That means more than three years after Judge Eliana Marengo told Rania El-Alloul to remove her hijab, an investigation by a special committee of the Quebec Council of the Magistrature can begin at last.

Marengo tried to block that investigation in court, arguing the council didn't have proper jurisdiction to investigate.

In a decision last Thursday, the Quebec Court of Appeal upheld a lower court ruling that the council's special committee does indeed have jurisdiction to look into complaints filed against Marengo.

"The continuation of the investigation by the committee, while constituting a delicate exercise, is the only possible avenue for justice to be rendered in an informed manner," wrote the panel of three justices in the decision. [CBC/Radio-Canada] Read more

25 February 2018

£6m a year gift aid for Islamic charities linked to extremist speakers

Islamic charities vulnerable to extremists receive £6 million a year from taxpayers in gift aid, according to a new report.

The charities are accused of promoting hardline speakers by giving them platforms, spreading their literature, providing them with credibility and enabling access to beneficiaries and the general public.

The report accuses charities of supporting “the spread of harmful non-violent extremist views that are not illegal; by providing platforms, credibility and support to a network of extremists operating in the UK.”

One international charity mentioned in the paper is chaired by an Islamic preacher banned from entering the UK.

The claims provide an early challenge for Baroness Stowell of Beeston, who was appointed chairwoman of the Charity Commission by the government last week, despite strong opposition from MPs that accused her of having negligible experience with charities.

The report, Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing: How Islamist Extremists Exploit the UK Charitable Sector, has been produced by the Henry Jackson Society think-tank by its research fellow Emma Webb, a specialist in counter-extremism who studied 30 charities. [The Times (£)] Read more

Influential Muslim leader backs campaign for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment

ONE of Ireland's most influential Muslim leaders has backed the campaign for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment.

Shayk Dr Umar al-Qadri, Chairman of the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council (IMPIC), said he believed it was now clear that the Eighth Amendment should be repealed and that the rights of women in crisis pregnancies be recognised.

Dr al-Qadri confirmed that IMPIC will shortly be producing and releasing a special guide for Muslims on the impending referendum - its implications, its meaning and Islam's stance on the complex issue.

His position has been welcomed by 'Repeal the Eighth' campaigners and has been hailed as a significant boost for the referendum campaign.

Dr al-Qadri said it was important people understand the issues involved.

"Islam is neither exclusively pro-life nor pro-choice," he said.

"The rights of the umborn child have to be balanced with the rights of the mother." [Independent.ie] Read more

Angela Merkel is about to pay for the ‘Mutti’ of all blunders

.... Often in history it is not the motives that matter, but the consequences. Since the start of 2015, Germany has received 1.38m “initial asylum applications”, about a third of them from Syrians. Three-quarters of the asylum seekers are aged 30 or younger; 60% are male. About half the applications have been approved, but only around 80,000 of those denied asylum have been deported. About 86% of accepted refugees are Muslims.

The full implications of this mass influx remain to be seen. According to the Pew Research Centre, the Muslim population of Germany (which was 6% in 2016) could be anything between 8.7% and 19.7% by 2050, depending on the future rate of immigration.

The short-run consequences, however, are clear. There has been a marked increase in crime. And there has been a seismic political backlash. The crime issue is controversial, but last month a rigorous, government-commissioned study was published by the Zürich University of Applied Sciences, based on data from the state of Lower Saxony. By the end of 2016, around 750,000 of the state’s 8m residents were not German citizens, and about 170,000 of them had applied for asylum. [429 comments]

[TOP RATED CPMMENT 209 votes] Brilliant article and 100% spot on. Merkel was 80% behind my reason to vote to Leave. Cannot believe one person can make such a monumental decision to completely destroy the culture of a country and then wanted to do the same to the U.K. by allocating a quota here.

[2ND 183] Multicultural migration does not seem to be working anywhere except in the heads of the liberals who have hijacked Europe for self indulgent experimentation.

[3RD 183] A good article. I never understood the logic that held Germany were helping the most vulnerable of the Syrian crisis by throwing open their borders - it inevitably would result in the youngest, fittest and most able to make the journey tramping across Europe to get there.

It's a stupid idea, asylum but only if you can get there under your own steam, what happens to the countries you transit through, what happens to those who can't pay the people smuggler, what happens to the elderly and the vulnerable who simply can't leave the camps?

Cameron by contrast had the right idea which was to help people in situ but for that eh was branded heartless by the sort of hypocrites who claimed they were happy to house a Syrian family (Harman and Sturgeon I'm looking at you) and have never lifted a finger to do so.

[4TH 158] Perhaps Merkel was hoping to become the next head of the UN after leaving German politics and as part of her job application she thought that her great 'humanitarian' gesture would endear her to many Third-World countries who would decide whom to appoint?

A bit like Blair giving away much of our EU rebate in the hope of becoming the next Head of the EU Commission - a job application that was dashed by the Iraq War.

Politicians' job applications can often be very expensive - for their citizens.

[5TH 152] Wait until human rights lawyers enable them to bring their extended families over.

[6TH 133] I am one of the new members who joined the SPD. Reason was to stop Merkel and the grand coalition. I can agree with everything in this article and I think Merkel has been an epic failure. But people here in Germany appreciate the fact that she seems to take care of things so they could stop bothering about politics. She has silenced the political discourse and people liked that. I did too for a long time.

The migration crisis was my point of no return and I now wish for her to leave. I do hope that a minority government will not last and I speculate that we will get new elections soon - which would most likely bring another swing to the right.

[7TH 116] You forgot to mention BREXIT: it was the media showing those endless columns of mainly young Muslim men flooding into Europe that finally topped the balance in the UK's referendum. And that was all down to Merkel, unilaterally, opening up the possibility to not only asylum seekers but millions in the middle east and north Africa to make the great trek. [The Times (£)] Read more

24 February 2018

Swiss Islamic Council Justifies Female Genital Mutilation

The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (IZRS) has defended the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), claiming that Islamic law justifies the practice.

The organisation released an “Islamic legal opinion” this week arguing that a form of so-called “female circumcision”, involving the removal of parts of the genitals, is justified, Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger reports.

IZRS Secretary-General Ferah Uluca said that while the paper justifies the practice, it does not call on Muslims to perform it as a duty. Ulucay said it is up to each parent to decide, but the paper does claim the practice is not harmful to the girl involved.

The paper also uses a United Nations Population Fund report to back its argument comparing FGM to male circumcision — but the report cited states that the health consequences of male and female circumcision are much different. [Breitbart London] Read more

Rome's Colosseum turned red to protest Pakistan blasphemy law

Rome’s ancient Colosseum was lit in red on Saturday in solidarity with persecuted Christians, particularly Asia Bibi, a woman condemned to death under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

Hundreds gathered on a rainy night outside the Roman amphitheatre that is a symbol of the martyrdom of early Christians to hear the husband and daughter of Asia Bibi.

The Catholic woman has been living on death row in Pakistan since 2010, when she was condemned for allegedly making derogatory remarks about Islam after neighbors objected to her drinking water from their glass because she was not Muslim.

Human rights groups such as Amnesty International say the blasphemy law is increasingly exploited by religious extremists as well as ordinary Pakistanis to settle personal scores. [Reuters] Read more